Colin_Benders: My reintroduction to DAW production has me excited to the point that I continuously want to call up my friends to ask them if they are aware of how awesome DAWs actually are but then I remind myself thats what everyone has been telling me for 10 years and I was just being weird

GemeenteUtrecht: My love for you
So long I’ve been savin’
Tonight was made for me and you

You can ring my bell, ring my bell
Ring my bell, ding-dong-ding



WvNoort: Kijk zo kan het ook. Zweedse bedrijven maken van hoge sociale standaarden een exportproduct: Volvo geeft alle medewerkers, op kantoor én in de fabriek wereldwijd 24 weken geboorteverlof, 80 procent doorbetaald.