ravenvandorst: Eigenlijk heel erg trots op Fré.

Kut van die klappen, maar hoe dapper is het om niet te zwichten voor de terreur van die ‘macho’ (5 vs 1) pikkies. Waar zag ik dat nou laatst zo mooi;

“On bended knee is no way to be free”.

Dat ze die debielen maar snel pakken en steriliseren.


noiseeng: Thanks for joining us and @jjbbllkk for our friendly chat. Jeremy is much better at talking than we are. Watch again (or for the first time) on the Red Means Recording Youtube channel:

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EminaCerimovic: 12 people w. disabilities drowned in the floods in Germany, because they could not be evacuated in time!
This is not the 1st time ppl w. disabilities are left behind.
This is why they must be included in the planning of disaster risk reduction

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